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Reflections and prompts from “Legacy” by Dr. Michael Obsatz

L- Love Lessons

“We have daily opportunities to share love in the world. We can be kind to those we know, and those we hardly know. Our behaviors reflect our feelings..."
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A - Affirming Actions and Availability

"We live with a positive attitude about ourselves, life, and the world. Our actions reflect this positivity. Our actions affect others, and they, in turn, affect others..."
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E - Energetic Experiences

“By living fully, in the moment, and being the vibrant creation that we are, we feel a deep connection with all there is in the world. This feeling of connection affects our actions, thoughts and feelings..."
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C - Courageous Connections

"We develop friendships and intimate connections with others. We are courageous and take appropriate risks. We live out our potential and dreams by going out into a challenging world, and difficult situations..."
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G - God's Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity

“We live in God's grace, knowing we are loved, cherished, forgiven, and appreciated. With this, we do not need to applause, attention, and approval of others..."
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Y - Yearning for Yonder

"As creative human beings, we have the gift of imagination. We can see beyond the obvious. We wander, and we wonder. We explore and we move into the spiritual realm..."
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