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Reflections and prompts from “Oh Grow Up” by Dr. Michael Obsatz

Unhook from Your Biological Family

Task 1
"Unhook from your biological family's definition of who you are and should be. This means not letting old ideas about you control your life..."
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Find Your Inner Beauty and Wholeness

Task 4
"Find your inner beauty and wholeness. Discover your spiritual purpose — why you are here on earth. Become centered spiritually, and know your own goodness and divinity. Find practices that encourage your going within..."
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Dedicate Your Life to Creating More Love and Peace in the World

Task 7
"Dedicate your life to creating more love and peace in the world. Find a passion, and a cause. Do something to make the world better. At the same time, realize that you are not going to rid the world of its suffering. Be realistic. Put out the good energy, the love, the compassion, and let go of the results."
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Letting Go of Defenses that You Needed as a Child

Task 2
“Letting go of defenses that you needed as a child which no longer serve you. This includes recovering from addictions of any kind. Grieve the loss of those defenses, and honor how they helped you survive against overwhelming odds..."
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Let Go of Abusive, Controlling People

Task 5
"Let go of abusive, controlling people. Create a new spiritual family and community that supports your wholeness. Create clear boundaries about what behaviors and attitudes are unacceptable for you to be around..."
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Appreciate Your Body, Your Physical and Sexual Self

Task 8
"Appreciate your body, your physical and sexual self. Keep your body in shape, with exercise, healthy food choices. Use your sexuality in ways that enhance your life, and the lives of others..."
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Live Fully, Play, Be Spontaneous

Task 10
"Live fully, play, be spontaneous. Know that life is a miracle to be cherished and enjoyed. Everything changes and ends, and we all will transition into a different realm. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Don’t sweat the small stuff."
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Unhook from the Cultural Pressure

Task 3
"Unhook from cultural pressures to define your worth by doing and achieving — and suppressing your own needs, feelings, desires, hopes and dreams..."
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Find a Strategy for Making Enough Money

Task 6
"Find a strategy for making enough money so you can live a comfortable lifestyle. Be strategic in your dealings with bosses, co-workers, and clients. Say your truth in safe places, and navigate the world with care..."
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If You Have Children, Love and Guide Them

Task 9
"If you have children, love and guide them. But as they get older, realize that you cannot control their lives. Give them tools to cope, and be there to support them. They are gifts from the Spirit, and on their own journeys."
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