Download Free Financial Net Worth Worksheet

by David Tillman – September 2020

Feel free to download the “free” Financial Net Worth Worksheet (see download buttons below). I hope you find this a useful financial tool.

This is an Excel worksheet template to allow you to add your Assets (things you own) and Liabilities (money you owe) to calculate your New Worth. Your Net Worth is the total value of your assets minus your total value of your liabilities.

There are two versions:

Version 1: is a standard financial net worth worksheet with the ability to add and edit assets, liabilities, and other information.

Version 2: is the standard version with a couple of bells and whistles. There is a button on the top to automatically Close or Open those rows that have a “0” balance. This makes your worksheet easier to view. Also there is a third button to “Add New Date” to your worksheet. When you click on this button, it will automatically move your current amount column over one column. Then create a new column with today’s date.

On the second tab of the worksheet, I have included a “worksheet example” to show you how this might look after four entries throughout the year.

To print, just go to “File” then the “Print” option. Change the print area and options as needed.

Feel free to modify this worksheet to meet your needs. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at

Disclaimer: use this worksheet at your own risk as formulas and data can often be written over, accidentally changed, or may have be inputted incorrectly in the beginning. Before making any investment decisions please review your Financial Net Worth worksheet numbers with your financial, tax, and/or legal professionals, or trusted financial wise friend, to double check the accuracy of the numbers and formulas. Also, it’s always a good idea to get your professional advisors thoughts and suggestions on what you thinking to invest in or sell.

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