There Are Always 44 Things Going On In Your Life

by David Tillman

there are always 44 things going on in your life
things to think about,
to worry about,
to talk about,
to cry about

someone asked a wise person how can I free myself of these 44 things?
the wise person said you have 45 things going on in your life
when asked about the 45 the wise person said:
the 45th is your concern that you should not have the 44
as soon as you free yourself of one of the 44
another one appears from the blue

we spend our whole life trying to free ourselves of the 44 things
and never able to do it until that fateful day
so why not appreciate the 44 things you’re dealing with
no need to make a list as it will drive you crazy

just relax and be thankful that you only have 44 things and not 45
number 45 takes up all the time that could be better spent
take time to laugh
take time to feel your feelings
take time to help another in need
take time to live for today

© David Tillman, 2018,, all rights reserved

Grand Tetons, WY

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