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Aging Grace-Fully is a series of readings and activities to give you insights and an understanding of aging.

In his book, Falling Upward – A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, Richard Rohr says: “In the first half of life, we are naturally and rightly preoccupied with establishing our identity – climbing, achieving, and performing. But those concerns will not serve us as we grow older and begin to embark on a further journey, one that involves challenges, mistakes, loss of control, broader horizons, and necessary suffering that actually shocks us out of our prior comfort zone. Eventually, we need to see ourselves in a different and more life-giving way. This message of ‘falling down’ – that is in fact moving upward – is the most resisted and counterintuitive of messages in the world’s religions, including and most especially Christianity.”

“In Falling Upward, Father Richard Rohr – the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation – offers a new paradigm for understanding one of the most profound of life’s mysteries: how our failings can be the foundation for our ongoing spiritual growth. Drawing on the wisdom from time-honored myths, heroic poems, great thinkers, and sacred religious texts, the author explores the two halves of life to show that those who have fallen, failed, or ‘gone down’ are the only ones who understand ‘up.’ We grow spiritually more by doing it wrong than by doing it right.”

“With rare insight, Rohr takes us on a journey to give us an understanding of how the heartbreaks, disappointments, and first loves of life are actually stepping stones to the spiritual joys that the second half of life has in store for us.” (inside dust cover – Falling Upward by Richard Rohr)

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Storytelling in Small Groups about Aging

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Storytelling about aging. Quotations and insights from various authors.
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