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How are we are loved by and connected to God, or Spirit, or giver of life? How do we understand and express our relationship with God?

"Process Thought" is Always Going On in Your Life

By David Tillman

A link to an YouTube introduction to Process Though, also know as PRocess Theology.

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Don't Make Assumptions: "Souls in Smaller Bodies" are the Real Christmas Message

By Dr. Michael Obsatz - December 2022

"In his book called "The Four Agreements" Ruiz tells us to not make assumptions about other people. I am reminded of the motto: "You can't tell a book by its cover."

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What Jesus and St. Francis Reminded Us About.... Everyone Needs to Learn about Healthy, Mature Spiritual Living:

By Dr. Michael Obsatz - August 2022

"How to Live a Love-Filled Life 1. Love and trust God 2. See the Divinity in Everyone, and the Oneness of all of creation..."

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Centering Prayer and Meditation

By David Tillman - December 2012, rev. August 2022

Take a look at the classroom PowerPoint I presented in 2012 introducing Centering Prayer and Meditation.

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