Holy Opportunity: Finding Meaning In Our Lives

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 2024

It is a miracle that we exist at all.  We have been born into a world of complexity — small, helpless, and completely dependent upon our families and caretakers.

Since those who care for us are imperfect, they will likely project some of their fears, insecurities, and limitations onto us.  We are wide open, receptive, and totally vulnerable to whatever is given to us.

We become convinced that we are important and live through a period of narcissism.  It is “all about me.”  The problem with this is that it makes us too important, and too much the center of the Universe.

The Universe existed before we were born and will after we die.  This narcissism of early childhood hangs on and is fueled by a culture that is stuck in Empire Consciousness.  We are taught to compare, despair, but not be aware that what happened to us is NOT really about us.

This means we develop expectations about the world, and how we deserve to be treated.  When others fall short, we grieve, blame, and start to feel worthless.  Having to prove worthiness becomes a lifetime goal.

Our purpose is simple — to be a light for others and help the world heal from its many wounds.  If we learn to live in Oneness Consciousness, we then let go of our need to control everything and be “right” all the time.  We just are who we are, shining like a lighthouse.

We come to learn that we have never been spiritually abandoned and have all that we need and want.  We learn to believe in abundance, enough for all.

We become stewards of the earth and lifelong givers of love and peace.  We live with inner peace, trust the process of growing up and growing old, and let go of our need to control anything or anyone.

We have the same purpose, and we give and receive love every day in every way.  Meaning comes from our connection to Spirit, ourselves, others, and the earth.  We don’t expect applause or acknowledgment.  We are enough and have more than enough.

Love is the answer.  We are the message and the messenger.  There is nowhere to get to, and nothing to prove.  It is simple.  It is about kindness, compassion, and generosity.


© 2024, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved, www.mentorsmatter.us and www.lifesjourney.us

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