Re-Charging My Battery

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – April 2024

There are various items that I must charge regularly to keep them going.

My electric toothbrush is one.  My cell phone is another.  And I have a charger for my car battery when it gets too low.  I don’t drive it all that much.

I started to think about spiritual re-chargers for our internal soul batteries.  Sometimes, I feel I run on empty — and have little energy.  Other times, I can do many things in one day.

Sometimes, I feel very hopeful about life on this planet.  Other times, I feel sad, forlorn and hopeless about wars, politics, and environmental issues.  Hope and faith are important for my spiritual development.  Is God in charge of all the misery going on?  Or, are some people so disconnected from their inner souls, the souls of others, and the earth?

I wish I could plug into some re-charger, and continue to live in Oneness Consciousness, trusting the Universe to heal and move into wholeness, love and compassion.

Living in Empire Consciousness, with its power, hierarchy, domination, control, shame, fear, addictions, and divisiveness drains one’s battery, cell phone and toothbrush.  It is a draining experience to see continuous wars, bombings, starvation, and poverty.

Can we plug into some Higher Power, and start the process of re-charging, so can learn to live in love, empathy, and connectedness?

For some, it is nature.  For others, prayer is helpful.  Meditation is another re-charger.  Gatherings of supportive friends can be re-chargers.  Worship services can re-charge people.

There is no one answer.  We can each find our re-charger, to help live full, meaningful lives.

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