The Mystical Sacred Blessing:
From Form to Essence

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – September 2022

Essence is eternal. Form changes.

Essence is the core of what matters. Form is one way of expressing Essence but is not to be mistaken for Essence.

Form leads to labels, categories, and judgment. Essence is beyond description, and not capable of grasping totally by the human mind and spirit.

We are Essence. Our Essence is packaged in Human Form. This Form is born, changes, and dies. Essence lasts forever.

Empire Consciousness is about Form. Oneness Consciousness is about Essence. Empires come and go, live, and die. Empires define, categorize, and rank.

Believing that Empire is Essence is the largest mistake anyone can make. We are temporarily here on this planet. Our Essence is everlasting, and our connection with each other’s Essence is the Ultimate spiritual experience.

Oneness Consciousness is the incredible Namaste — The God in Me Beholds the God in You. This undefinable truth is what brings joy and peace. Without Oneness, all the Forms can do is battle for power, prestige, and dominance. However, this is an exercise in futility. Form is empty without Essence.

God is Essence. The Ultimate, Formless, but Essential Light. There is nothing that can describe this or define it. It just IS.

Until we start living in Oneness Consciousness, we will continue to have famine, wars, and suffering. By dividing, defining, labeling, and categorizing we lose our Ultimate Divine Connection.

Death changes our Form, but not our Essence. The Main Idea is to see the Ultimate Oneness of everyone and everything, and live from the mystical sacred blessing that is Life Itself.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved,

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