“Living in the Light” is Living in Delight

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – September 2022

We are “delight-ful” creatures. We are full of light and love and joy and kindness.

When we live in the “light,” we see our Divine selves, our best selves, our perfect selves. We believe in abundance, not scarcity, and equality over oppression and marginalization, and domination.

Living in Oneness Consciousness is seeing all of creation in a new “light.”  We see the Divinity in the diversity.  We practice compassion and empathy.  We put judgments and labels aside.

Living in Empire Consciousness is living in darkness, fear, and loneliness. When we focus on control, domination, and external validation, we cannot experience feeling “delightful.”

It is a symptom of a major disease, an illness of the heart, a suffering beyond measure.  Hurt people hurt people. Those who live in Empire Consciousness are in pain and inflict pain.  

Overcoming this suffering requires a raising of consciousness, nothing less.

How do those who live in “delight,” shine enough of Divine light onto the masses, and those in power?  We have to believe there is a way.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved, www.lifesjourney.us



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