From Shallow to Hallowed:
From Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2023

Peter Mayer wrote “Everything is Holy Now,” a beautiful spiritual reminder about how he
learned to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It seems like we have a big choice to make: Do we live in the shallow end of life, or do we go
deeper into the mystery of life with all of its beauties and complexities?

As a student in the 1960’s, I read a book about independent learning. There was a chapter in the
book about fascination. Being fascinated means seeing the inner, deeper meaning, beauty,
and complexity of all of it. I am fascinated with the idea of fascination. There is a more recent
book by Katherine May called “Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age.” She
writes being enchanted by earth, fire, wind, and water.

Wonder, fascination, enchantment, holiness. What is the place of these in my life?
It seems like our society focuses on dichotomies and dualisms more than complexities.
Either/Or, Right/Wrong, Win/Lose, We/They, Male/Female, Child/Adult, Republican/Democrat
are just a few examples.

What if there is more than that?  What if everything is worthy of fascination?  What if everything
is holy now?  Perhaps that is what spiritual transformation is all about.

Moving from the hierarchy thinking of Empire Consciousness to the magical holiness of
Oneness Consciousness is about seeing the depth, complexity, magic and wonder in life.
Empire Consciousness divides and conquers. Oneness Consciousness celebrates and honors all
of creation — people, the earth, spirit, everything. Living in the shallow end, especially with its
scarcity thinking leads to anxiety, fear, anger, rage, violence, addictions, and isolation.

We talk about sometimes walking on hallowed ground. But isn’t all ground holy? Peace and joy
comes when we move our level of consciousness. We can’t force it or legislate it. Jesus said we
needed to move from the “letter of the law to the spirit of the law.” That movement brings us
closer to each other and all of creation.

© 2023, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved,

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