“Radical Resilience” and Our Souls’ Purpose

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – March 2024

It is remarkable how resilient we are.  We are blessed to be able to bounce back from disappointment, betrayal, negativity, criticism, bullying, loss, and hurt.

Richard Rohr calls this ability “radical resilience.”  When we look at our life’s challenges, it is amazing what we have overcome.

Martin Luther King reminded Black people everywhere “We Shall Overcome.”  Black people in America have overcome so much — slavery, racial profiling, police brutality, unequal opportunity
and discrimination.

Jewish people have overcome the death of 6 million Jews worldwide during the holocaust as well as centuries of slavery, oppression, and ostracism.

There are opportunities in America to rise from the ashes, move into more security and comfort. However, there is a long way to go.  Remember, no one is safe until everyone is safe.

There are several kinds of consciousness. Empire Consciousness is about power, domination, control, hierarchy, fear, shame, scarcity thinking, and violence.  Many Empires have operated this way for centuries.  Most suffering we endure, and experience comes from this kind of consciousness.

Oneness Consciousness is the way of Jesus, Richard Rohr, and many others.  It means seeing our deep spiritual connection to everyone and everything.  We love and protect ourselves, each other, and the earth.  We live in cooperation, connection, empathy, abundance, and compassion.  We support each other’s spiritual journey, as well as our human journey.  We “cheer each other on.”  C.H.E.E.R. means “Cherished Hearts Empower Everyone’s Resurrection.”  That is our sole purpose and our souls’ purpose.

If we focus on being “walking miracles,” we can live in gratitude, grace, and empathy.  We cannot legislate peace.  We must come to peace within ourselves, God, and others by seeing past differences and divisiveness.

Spiritual transformation is an inside job and moves from one being to another through loving-kindness and the development of trust. Without this, we will continue to suffer.

How incredible we are.  How loving, transformative, and “radically resilient.”

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