Our Resurrection Experience

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – March 2024

We live in a material, physical world.  At some point, we experience a worldly Insurrection — some major hurt or abandonment that breaks our heart.  This comes from living in an Empire with Empire Consciousness with its focus on power, domination, hierarchy, competition, scarcity, and fear.

We then move into a quiet time, a tomblike experience of Reflection.  We turn to our idea of Spirit, of Oneness Consciousness, to remind us that we are loved, lovable, and loving no matter how the world treats us.  We are One with the earth, ourselves, God, and each other.

From there, we experience a Resurrection, a new opportunity, another chance, coming from our radical resilience.  We experience Re-direction, Protection, and Connection.

We are indeed blessed.  When there is an Insurrection, we can move into Reflection, which leads to our Resurrection with its Re-direction, Protection and Connection.


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