Who Are We to Think as if We are Right?

By David Tillman – December 2022

I’m curious, who are we to think, believe, and act as if we are right? That we alone hold the ultimate and only truth. We embody stardust given to us by our creator. Stardust, before us, has been part of many other expressions in creation. We are loved by God, our creator. We are lovable and we are loving. What amazing love experienced through each breath we take. Love through the gift of water and food for nourishment; our earth we stand on, care for, and explore. Love felt and shared living in community with others. God’s unconditional love we are blessed with each moment of each day.

Life naturally challenges us, humbles us, cracks us open, and leads us to our soul, our essence. When life cracks us open, we are often drawn to people who welcome us into a community of love, trust, compassion, equality, and support. As this community journeys with us as we heal, our soul reminds us that we are all unique, individual expressions of oneness (of love), and our essence is more similar than different.

From those experiences, we begin to love ourselves more fully. Our increasing self-love naturally moves us to love God, others, and all of creation with thoughts and actions of greater love, acceptance, kindness, equality, compassion, grace, and joy. Being “right” changes to being “loved and loving.”  We learn to let God be God, now being a channel to share and express God’s love more fully.

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