Christmas, Oneness Consciousness, and the Delivery Man

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – November 2022

The Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know?” has a line in it that states, “the child who you delivered will soon deliver you.”

It is a powerful message and equates the birthing of a child with “deliverance” for its mother.

To deliver a child means to give birth. To be “delivered” means to move from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness.

The Jesus message of deliverance is about moving from fear to love, from a belief in a vengeful God to a belief in a loving, forgiving, and accepting God.  This process of deliverance is a birth into a new way of thinking, perceiving, and being.

It reminds me of the lines from “O, Holy Night:” “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, until He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.”

Both of these Christmas hymns are about the transformation of one’s very being, the change in consciousness — which is what Christmas a really about.  The “soul felt its worth” is the core message.

Sin and error pining is part of Empire Consciousness, which is hierarchical, scarcity- and fear-based, and divisive.  It involves not truly valuing oneself or others.

Oneness Consciousness is about connection, self-love, love of others equality, empathy, and compassion.

The importance of the word “deliver” needs to be noted.  When we move from Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness we are delivered from a desperate, hostile, and frightening way of viewing and living in the world.

This transformation brings us joy, peace, and love.  Christmas is about being delivered — like Jesus, like Mary, and like anyone who is ready to be birthed into a new way of living, perceiving and being — Oneness Consciousness.

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