GOD — In More Than Three Letters

 By Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2022

Concepts of God have been taught for generations.  For some children, God was taught to be an old white man with grey hair and a beard.  If you weren’t white, you couldn’t identify with God.

So, I have come up with my new understanding of the word based on the 3 letters, G, O, and D.  Given my Jewish upbringing, my thirty-year Methodist church experience, my Unity understandings, my Buddhist readings, and other ideas, I wish to share my latest ideas about the nature of God:

G — Guiding
O — Omnipresent
D — Devotion

There are truths, principles, and beliefs which guide our lives to living into wholeness, oneness, and connection.  To accept this guidance, one must have faith and trust in something beyond ourselves, beyond the visible.  There is some guiding idea, some plan, some force that provides an inner knowing where we are discerning, supportive, and life-affirming.

This force is everywhere, all over, in everyone, everything.  It is the ubiquitous life-giving energy that infuses all of creation.  It is timeless, formless, and within each of us.

This guiding principle, which is everything and in everything cherishes us, is devoted to our well-being, wholeness, and oneness with all of the universe and creation. It is filled with love, compassion, empathy, and kindness.  It is the ultimate unconditional love energy that immerses us in the wholeness and oneness of all.  We are loved and supported beyond measure.

So, God is Guiding Omnipresent Devotion.  We are all Walking, Waking, and Talking Miracles who have overcome difficult challenges and limitations.  The more we emerge into our Oneness consciousness, the more we can infuse the world with it.

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