A Prayer for the Journey: From Empire to Oneness Consciousness

 by Dr. Michael Obsatz – October 2023

The news is filled with war, violence, and crime.  In my circle of people, there are repeated cases of illness, depression, loneliness, and despair.  I try to be a good listener, and be a support for dozens of people, near and far.  Several of my friends, and my mentees, now in their forties, report on births, children’s activities, and the miracles of healing and maturity.

I am grateful to be well and thinking clearly at age 82. I cry out of gratitude for my life, and joys and sadness for others. We all journey, and our journeys have their challenges, and disappointments, as well as joys and connections.

We are all connected, and it seems like everyone’s joys and sorrows become part of me.  What is my role and purpose during this time of turmoil in the world, health and other challenges for my immediate circle of friends and family?

If I am to C.H.E.E.R. others on, then it is my role to know how cherished my heart is, and then empower everyone’s resurrection.  C — Cherished   H — Hearts   E — Empower  E — Everyone’s   R — Resurrection.

I must believe there is life after death, peace after war, wholeness and healing after illness, and the human raising of consciousness — from Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness.

The international suffering and wars are based on Empire Consciousness, and fear, scarcity thinking, hierarchy, and the need for domination, power, and control over others.

Oneness Consciousness is the empathetic, compassionate knowing of wholeness, abundance, oneness of all of creation and love.  I pray at this time for a new level of Oneness Consciousness to emerge in the world.  I pray for those with health challenges to find help and support for their suffering.  I pray in gratitude for new life, and all the children in the world.

I will try to listen, be a light, and continue to HOLD THE HIGH WATCH for those in need.  I will be grateful to all spiritual, emotional, and physical healers who tirelessly work to help others in the healing process.  I do not journey alone. God with me, and all of us.  Please, dear God, shine your love, light and healing energy down on the world.  We need it now more than ever.

© 2023, Dr. Michael Obsatz, www.mentorsmatter.us and www.lifesjourney.us


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