Appreciating God’s Back-Up Singers

 By Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 2023

I recently watched a movie called “Twenty Feet from Stardom,” about back-up singers and how little credit they have gotten for participating in the making of harmonious, incredible music.  It started me thinking about all the people who are behind the scenes, keeping our lives going, who receive little if any, verbal or written recognition of their contributions.

I also recently personally thanked several of my pharmacists for keeping me alive over the last twenty years.  I told them that they mattered to me, and that their work was enabling me to live a full, healthy, and meaningful life.  Several of them started to cry.  They told me they rarely get positive feedback, and more often get negative comments about their work.

God has created an amazing Universe, and we are blessed to be part of it.  There have been thousands of people who have supported our growth and development.  I’ll list just a few of them: doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, dental assistants, parents, grandparents, trash collectors, store clerks, secretaries, postal workers, teachers, guidance counselors, athletic coaches, mentors, janitors, entertainers, film crews, lawyers, ministers, chaplains, volunteers, repair people, truck drivers, salespeople, farmers, technology specialists, product manufacturers, restaurant servers and staff, police people, government workers, firefighters, paramedics, road repair workers, and others.

Sometimes, people’s contributions to our lives are taken for granted.  Some people don’t want or expect appreciation or praise.  Some just want kindness and a paycheck.  I do believe gratitude can be expressed more than it is.  Who supports you on your life’s journey?  Have you thanked them for their help and support?

We could thank people verbally, send notes, or give some money.  Any way we do it, kindness and acknowledgment could make someone’s day.


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