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With textbooks getting more expensive after each new addition, it’s only natural that students and readers want to get the best deals on books they’ll only use for a semester. And then, after that semester, they want to resell those books while getting the most bang for their buck.

That’s where BookScouter comes in. Rather than buy brand new textbooks every semester just to have them sit on your shelf for the next decade, why not cash in on your previous purchase? Better yet, why not spend less in the first place?

What Is BookScouter?

BookScouter is a site that connects you with dozens of vendors who compete to buy your books. Rather than sift through multiple sites that only offer a few dollars for your textbook, one search on BookScouter filters through all those sites for you.

Let’s say you’re looking to buy or rent books rather than sell them. BookScouter has that covered, too. You can search by ISBN number, title, or author for any book you might need. From there, you’ll have your pick of over 25 booksellers and over 10 rental vendors.

BookScouter allows you to compare prices and buyer feedback whether you’re buying or renting. Thanks to quick price comparisons, you can save up to 70% on textbooks after a single search.

What Can BookScouter Do for You?

The biggest advantage of BookScouter is convenience. If you’re selling textbooks, BookScouter offers an easy-to-use ISBN lookup. Through the ISBN lookup system, one search is all it takes for you to see a range of offers. By entering the 10- or 13-character number, you instantly have access to over 30 vendors across multiple sites, all competing to buy your book.

The same goes for buying or renting books. A single ISBN lookup is all it takes to find the best price on your textbook across multiple sites.

Other basic features that BookScouter offers includes mobile apps for iOS and Android, accessible reviews about vendors, book-related blog posts, textbook scholarships, and an updated BookScouter Affiliate Program.

The BookScouter mobile app allows you to look up ISBNs through the app’s scanner, so you don’t need a computer on hand to find the best price for your textbook. This site also values transparency, which is why you have full access to user reviews about vendors on their Vendors page. And because they’re all about books, BookScouter collects up-to-date information on the best textbooks in almost every area of study on their blog. This blog is student-friendly, also offering book-related tips and tricks.

Speaking of students, the $500 Quarterly Book Scholarship is posted on the scholarship page and is granted every three months. For anyone interested in being a BookScouter affiliate, the Affiliate Program has been updated with even more promotional options.

Aside from the basics, BookScouter also offers several advanced features. Thanks to personalized vendor selection, you can filter the site’s vendors on the Vendor page once you’ve logged into your account. While you’re logged in, you also have access to book price history up to 3 months previous (and even further back with a Pro subscription).

BookScouter also offers price alerts for both sell and buy features. You’ll receive email notifications when a price surpasses your desired threshold. You can have up to 20 books on your Buy or Sell Watchlists, and you’ll be notified as soon as those prices are met.

Lastly, with multi-ISBN lookup, you can search for multiple textbooks simultaneously. Rather than entering a single ISBN each time, you can access the multi-ISBN search from the homepage and Sell page.

If you turn out to be a huge BookScouter fan, you’ll gain access to even more tools with BookScouter Pro. These additional perks include the bulk liquidation tool, hot flip deals, high resale value books, and extended buyback price histories.


BookScouter is a site for all students who are sick of losing money on textbooks. Thanks to ISBN lookup for selling, buying, and renting, BookScouter connects students with vendors, sellers, and renters after a single search.

On top of helping you compare prices and get discounts on otherwise expensive textbooks, BookScouter offers scholarship opportunities, helpful blog posts, and opportunities to join the Affiliate Program.

Sell Textbooks and Used Books – Buyback Comparison | – March 2023

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