C.H.E.E.R. Us On

C.H.E.E.R. Us On

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – April 2023

We are here to CHEER each other on.  We provide listening, support, suggestions, encouragement, and a safe space for others.  In my life, many people have served as “cheerleaders” for me.  They have reminded me of my gifts, encouraged me when difficult obstacles seem to block me.

These cheerleaders were like angels, coming in a variety of forms and sizes.  My parents were cheerleaders, encouraging me to do well in school.  They wanted me to have more options, and

opportunities.  Another one was my high school English and Journalism teacher, Rod.  He taught me for three of my four high school years.  He believed in me, and my writing capabilities.  You are invited to make a list of all the people who cheered you on during your life journey.

If we take the letters of CHEER, we come up with the following:  “Cherished hearts empowering everyone’s resurrection.”

C — Cherished

H — Hearts

E — Empowering

E — Everyone’s

R — Resurrection

Cherished means being loved, And Hearts means that those who know they are loved, lovable and loving may have the capability and inclination to be cheerleaders for others.  The heart is the center of our being and our lifeline.  A cherished heart is full of spiritual love, grace, and forgiveness.  A cherished heart believes in positivity and resilience.

Empowering means helping people realize their own strength and capabilities.  Sometimes, when challenges come, people don’t realize how many gifts and talents they have.  They underestimate their stamina, tenacity, and willpower.  Getting in touch with one’s inner, personal power is very important, especially during difficult times.  It is helpful to have someone listen without judgment and care.

Everyone means that all people deserve to be loved, supported, listened to, and cheered on.  This includes people we know as well as people we have not met.

NO ONE is excluded.  Everyone deserves opportunity, encouragement, and equal treatment.

Resurrection means OVERCOMING obstacles, pain, suffering, loss, betrayal, and beginning again.  This is due to the grace of God or Spirit, that we have repeated chances to start over.  We can learn from our pain and suffering and develop more empathy and compassion for others.

Sometimes, you can be a cheerleader for someone going through a crisis.  The person can overcome it, and you might never know the part you played in their accomplishments.  There are the obvious cheerleaders, and the more subtle ones.  Parents, teachers, friends, medical people, lawyers, spiritual leaders, therapists, are some examples.

All people are worthy of love, support, and listening.  All people have stories to tell. Who has cheered you on when life was challenging?  Who have you cheered on?  How has it worked out? Do you know?  Can you commit to providing more CHEERING ON in others’ lives?

And God or Spirit is the greatest Cheerleader of them all.

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