Distill, My Heart: From Empire Consciousness
to Oneness Consciousness

 By Dr. Michael Obsatz – November 2022

“Distill” is defined as “extracting the essential elements” from something.

So, we can read a book, and distill its main ideas and conclusions.  We can share that information with others, so they can “get the gist” of book without reading the whole book.

Distilleries are places where beer is made and sold.  Distilled water has essential elements in it, without harmful contamination.

I believe we are all living distilleries.  We share the main aspects of our life’s journey and wisdom and the learnings of many wise and creative individuals.  We have lived minutes, days, weeks, and years.  We have gleaned much wisdom and understanding from our experiences and learnings.

Learning from our journey helps us make more mature decisions, avoid pitfalls, and live more intentional and meaningful lives.

The goal of eldering, being the older part of the population is to share that wisdom, and distill the major insights from life experiences and experts in the arts, psychology, sociology, education, the sciences, and all other fields.

As we guide younger people, the future adults and elders, we who have lived a longer time, read a lot of books, and met amazing people can help youth focus on meaning and purpose, rather than merely acquiring wealth and fame.

Robert Bly wrote a book called “The Sibling Society.”  He stated when the young believe they can learn only from others who are young and inexperienced in life, many distractions and much destruction can result.

Elders who have gleaned real wisdom from others, and who have examined their own experiences with some thought and depth can provide a more mature understanding of living a valuable and purposeful life.

If we believe that love and connection are what matter most, we can teach that the younger generations.  

If we believe that there is an abundance of resources, we can teach that.  Most of all, we need to teach that there is a responsibility and an accountability that comes with growing up. We are to take care of the earth and all of its creatures.  We are to take care of those in pain, the sick, the lonely.

Empire is about power, domination, scarcity, fear, subjugation, and violence.  Oneness is about abundance, love, sharing, compassion, and accountability. Distilling from the past, seeing the destructiveness of Empire Consciousness, we can teach that there is a better way to live.  Oneness Consciousness provides lasting peace, joy, and compassion.  Empires implode from within.  Nobody is really safe until everyone is safe.

Share your wisdom, share your understanding, and let love and compassion rule the world.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, www.lifesjourney.us

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