Do You Know that You are Loved?

By David Tillman – November 2021

Do you feel safe?

Safe physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually?

Have shelter, water, food, heat, income, and transportation?

Have a community of family, friends, mentors, and listeners?

Do you trust?

Trust God, others, and yourself?

Trust you can navigate through this.

Trust that you are not alone.

Do you know that you are loved?

Loved by God, the giver and sustainer of creation.

Love of breath, sustaining your life, how amazing?

Life’s journey is to love yourself more fully.

Do you love yourself?

You are loved, lovable, and loving.

What holds you back from loving yourself?

Who doesn’t want to be loved?

Do you share your love?

With family, friends, and those in need.

Listening from your heart, letting go of judging.

Finding our stories are similar, connecting us together.

Do you know your mission, your purpose?

Your spirit, essence, soul is that part of you

that knows your mission and purpose.

It knows you are never alone, always loved.

Are you grateful for your life?

Grateful for your breath, heart, mind, body, and spirit?

Grateful for God, family, friends, and creation?

Grateful that you are loved and always will be.  

How often each day do you feel joyful?

Amid times of fear, anger, and sadness,

Where in your being do you find hope?

That gives rise to overflowing joy and peace.

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