Empire vs Unity Consciousness
with Dr. Michael Obsatz

Warrior Evolution Season 1 Episode 6

Dan Gorbunow, on his podcast, interviews Dr. Michael Obsatz in February 2022.

“There is a dominant paradigm at work in our consciousness as men, as human beings, that needs to be examined, interrupted, and challenged if healing progress is to be made in ourselves and our society. Following on the works of Robert Bly, Anne Wilson Schaef, Michael Gurion, and others, Dr. Michael Obsatz brings us into a discussion about the havoc that Empire Consciousness creates within us and our social fabric. He offers a solution of Unity Consciousness which remedies the inner void and loss of self-love and self-belief, through active self-love and healthier self-concepts that illuminate and unify rather than obscure and divide the world. Please like this video, subscribe to Warrior Vox channel, and visit Patreon to support financially the development of more content that reverberates with soul, healing, ritual, story, and community.”

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Books: “Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World” by Dr. Michael Obsatz

Film: “Journeyman: Rites of Passage, Mentoring and Male Culture in America”

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