God-Angels: How God Works Through My Protectors to Keep Me Safe

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – March 2021

When we say the words of the “Prayer for Protection,” we announce that the “power of God protects us.”  This means that wherever we are, there is a God-force of loving, protective energy surrounding us.

We believe that we are protected by God from the inside out.  Knowing God protects us, we work hard to do our part to protect ourselves.  

But there is another way God protects us, I believe.  This is through the people in our lives, the God-angels, who look out for us and want our highest good.  The God in them works hard to protect us.  They come in many forms, shapes, sizes, and ages.

Here is a list of God’s angels in the form of protectors.

  1. Our parents — tried to protect us from dangers
  2. Our teachers, mentors, sponsors and coaches — all taught us how to cope with life’s challenges.  From them, we learned information and skills as well as discernment, resilience, and tenacity
  3. Medical staff — doctors, nurses, dentists, hospital staff — gave us help to prevent and cure illnesses
  4. Natural healers — massage and other natural techniques were taught to us to keep us healthy
  5. Repair people — who service our appliances, heating systems, cars, and other mechanical devices
  6. Financial planners — who protect us from making poor decisions, and help us maintain enough money to survive and thrive
  7. Police — protect our communities from crime
  8. Political leaders — protect us from being overtaken by other countries
  9. Military personnel — keep us safe in peacetime and wartime
  10. Spouse, family and loved ones — keep us feeling loved and connected, wanting the highest good for us
  11. Spiritual leaders — help guide us to know our wholeness and God-like-ness
  12. Service providers — grocers, and restaurant workers who help us have access to good food
  13. Journalists and newscasters — keep us informed about what is happening in our world
  14. Construction workers — who create shelters for us
  15. Scientists — who research diseases and infections, who help create vaccines and medicines to keep us healthy
  16. Farmers and factory workers — who provide food and clothing, among other things.

There are many others who protect us from harm and destruction.

Let us be grateful for all of these Protectors — too many to name.

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