Grace and The Cosmic Dump

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2022

We grieve where the world is at.  War in Ukraine, gun violence and killings at home, corruption in the government, oppression of the poor, minorities, people of color.

We grieve that life does not seem to be getting better for many people.  Women are no longer in control of their reproductive lives, diseases are rampant, and millions of people have died in recent years.  Forest fires are raging.  Droughts are everywhere.  The climate is changing, and the earth is suffering.

We wish we could heal everyone.  We wish people would rise to a higher level of consciousness and focus on oneness, compassion, empathy, and abundance for all.

We wish for wholeness and holiness to take the place of separation, labels, and marginalization.  Why, oh why does there have to be so much suffering.

Some people are living longer, but are they living better?  How can we enjoy good health and peace when so many are suffering at the hands of others?

The Cosmic Dump, the large letting go of how things could be or should be.  Knowing one can do what one can.  I am doing what I am called to do, capable of doing at this moment.  I take joy in seeing the good in every little act of kindness, every slight amount of compassion, generosity, empathy, and grace.

Grace is the Ultimate Cosmic Dump. Grace is knowing there is love, and love abounds.  In the midst of the turmoil and pain, in the midst of the worst upheavals.

Grace, grace, grace.  We are loved.  We are lovable.  We are loving.  We can make a difference, no matter how small it appears.

Listening, being fully present, and showing caring and concern for others.  Letting go of the world, and holding onto God.  Letting go of the need to “fix” what is wrong.

Now is the time for flushing out toxic messages, hate language, and divisiveness.

Thank you, dear God, for the time to be in this planet, amidst all of its pain, and make even the slightest difference.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved,

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