Healing the World’s Pain

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – September 2021

There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world.  Some of this is unavoidable and can’t be helped. Other pain and suffering are caused by actions, thoughts, beliefs, and circumstances created by other human beings.  Some pain is physical, and some is emotional.

Where does the pain come from?

  1.  hunger/starvation
  2.  being hurt, abused, bullied, raped, violated
  3.  shame/self-hatred
  4.  not feeling safe
  5.  abandonment, not belonging, being shunned
  6.  scarcity, belief in scarcity
  7.  fear of differences
  8.  trauma
  9.  self-abandonment/no boundaries
  10.  feeling unlovable
  11.  illnesses, epidemics, body pain
  12.  violence, wars
  13.  natural disasters
  14.  overcrowding/not enough space

How is pain expressed or dealt with?

  1.  sadness/depression/isolation
  2.  anger/rage/aggression
  3.  anxiety
  4.  addictions and distractions
  5.  power over/domination
  6.  suicide, violence against self, others
  7.  denial
  8.  arrogance/judgmentalism
  9.  we/they mentality

How can unnecessary pain be healed?

  1. spiritual growth and connection
  2. providing for all — oneness consciousness
  3. acceptance of what cannot be changed
  4. unconditional love and acceptance
  5. respect for self and others
  6. facing reality and taking action
  7. positive thinking
  8. letting go of negativity, fear, and scarcity thinking
  9. gratitude 
  10. creating safety by protecting the vulnerable
  11. learning from emotionally mature, healthy positive elders
  12. avoiding addictions/distractions
  13. mindfulness
  14. breathing/relaxation/meditation/prayer

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