How to be a Golden Receiver

by Dr. Michael Obsatz

Deborah MacDonald, author and business coach, talks about the difference between being a Go-getter and Go-giver.  Go-getters are actively involved in getting what they  want — jobs, money, possessions, relationships.  Go-givers are busy offering their time, talents, and services to others, those in need.

Golden Receivers get and give, and receive from both the giving and receiving.  They believe they deserve to have goals and dreams, and work hard to fulfill them.  But they also dedicate their lives to helping others, being able to see the beauty of the process of giving and achieving.

It is all right to achieve in life.  It is crucial not to identify  and define oneself with one’s successes or setbacks.  So understand that you are a beautiful child of God, of the Universe whether or not you accomplish a great deal in the outer world.  However, it is also important to offer oneself in service to others.  The balance of these two ways of being offers a joyous combination of finding joy in the process of giving and taking.  It means letting good flow in, flow out to others, and experiencing the self as one with the flow.

One way of being a Golden Receiver is to “pay it forward.”

Gratitude for all that one has is followed by giving to others.  Golden receivers live in gratitude, and turn that into action.  Helping others provides an internal meaning and fulfillment that goes beyond material rewards.

So, rather than being a Go-Getter or a Go-giver, it might be wonderful to experience life as a Golden Receiver — of prosperity, abundance, joys and sorrows as well as Golden Giver of love, energy, time, and attention.  

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