By Dr. Michael Obsatz – June 2024


Have you made an impact on others during your lifetime?  Maybe more than you realize.

Some people have said to me: “Remember what you told me thirty years ago…”

I am always surprised by those kinds of comments.

I believe if we give our insights and realizations to the world, free of charge, with no expectations of appreciation, or praise, letting go of results, we will discover something amazing.  We had made a difference for that person, and perhaps for many others who that person knows.

Impact is complex, magical, and unpredictable. Kindness, generosity, caring, compassion, and love — put them out there. Every way and in every way.  Trust the process.  “Karma” means good vibrations come back to you.

Sow love, and you and others will flourish.  Make your impact, let go, and live in gratitude. That’s how to create inner peace and world peace.


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