Life is an Evolving Door

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – August 2023

Every day is a new beginning.  Every day provides opportunities to give, love, share, grow, challenge, experience, and learn.

Seeing life this way means that we are evolving all the time.  We change, gain wisdom, become older, and have new challenges.  Never a dull moment.

We can either accept new challenges and grow or reject change and try to keep everything the way it always was.

I believe we have some of both inside us — a desire for novelty and adventure, and a wish to maintain the status quo, the familiar.  Change can come fast or slow.  It can be emotional change, physical or health change, environmental change, cultural change, intellectual change, spiritual change, or any combination of the above.

We have new outlooks, new gadgets, new technology, new friends.  We can welcome the new experiences or be overwhelmed by them and run from them.

How do you experience your and life’s evolution?

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