By Dr. Michael Obsatz – June 2024

One of my younger buddies and I had lunch together this week.  His eight-year-old daughter was staying with his mother.  To my surprise, they popped into the restaurant where we were eating.

It was good to see his Mom again. I had met her 24 years ago.  I was teaching at Macalester at the time, and he was one of my students.  He was 20 back then. Now, he is 45 years old.  I have kept up with him all this time.

When his daughter saw me for the first time in about four years, she looked into my eyes and said, “So, you’re the lifesaver.”  I learned that her Dad called me that, and also asked her to call me “Grandpa.”

It was such a touching moment.  So beautiful, unplanned, and unexpected.  I teared up, and the little girl and I hugged.

I have been supportive of this young man for more than half his life.  When we parted, his mother gave me a big hug.  “Thank you,” she smiled at me.

So, that’s what it is all about — cheering each other on, and maybe even being a “lifesaver.”  As channels for Spirit, we allow love, kindness, and internal wisdom to flow through us.  Spirit, or God, is the Ultimate Lifesaver.


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