Living Through a Week of Dying: The Unity Response

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 29, 2020

It has been a week of violence, racism, abuse of power, and murder.  This is on top of all the challenges of COVID-19.  We have reached 100,000 deaths in the United States, more than from several of our wars combined.

We have witnessed Empire Consciousness at its worst.  It has been a time of power over, domination, control, and annihilation at the hands of someone who wore a badge claiming to “serve and protect.”   What was needed was Oneness Consciousness, seeing the equality and Divinity of everyone, as a child of God. 

Four policemen killed George Floyd.  Any one of them could have stopped the murdering that occurred.  It makes me wonder about the accomplices and their collusion in this event.  What were they thinking?  Where are they in their levels of consciousness?

This happened within blocks of where my two adult children live with their families.  I am glad my children’s families are safe, but how safe is it really when police commit the murders?

I am working on putting my own interpretation of the Unity Principles into practice as I witness the reactions to this murder from all parts of the world.  How can I see the Divinity in each of those four policemen?  They were told by onlookers right near them to stop the murdering, and they did nothing to prevent it.

How is this within any Divine Order?  George Floyd was a dedicated father, citizen, and partner.  Many people in his life have commented on his compassion, love and generosity.

Being a Black man in America today is challenging.  My wife’s sons are Black men with integrity. courage and loving moral values. They have been exposed to racial profiling, racism, and fear which fill the hearts and minds of so many people.

How can we connect spiritually at this time?  How can we see the power and love of God overtake this tragic event? Will there be justice and fairness?  Will white male and social class privilege create another example of ruthless people getting away with murder?

Now is the time to live out the Unity principles more than ever.  Love your neighbor.  Love God.  Love yourself.  See the Divinity in every person.  Black lives matter.  Pray for peace and understanding.  Pray for discernment and wisdom, restraint and maturity to prevail.

God is.  I am.  I think it.  I pray it.  I live it.

We must support the local and national community of oppressed people.  We must care for those who need our love and kindness.

It is easy to buy into the belief of “an eye for an eye” right now.  We want justice.  Dear God, please give us the love and compassion to help raise consciousness — from Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness.  It is the ONLY answer.

© 2020 Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved
© 2020, all rights reserved

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