Maintaining Gratitude in a Time of Socially-Distanced Milestones

by Dr. Michael Obsatz


So many people are missing out on in-person celebrations these days.   As we move through Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations this spring and summer, we are forced to develop other ways of saying, “Congratulations, You Made It!”

People are postponing celebrations, and hoping the future will allow more of the typical connected experiences.  One of the saddest aspects of COVID-19 is people dying alone, without the comfort and physical presence of their loved ones. 

We have car parades, and cheering from balconies.  We have signs and balloons, and other ways of marking major accomplishments, changes, and shifts

This is probably not a major issue for people who are suffering in hospitals, people who are homeless and people who are starving. 

How does one stay living in gratitude when some of the major joys have removed from our every day lives?


Those who are caring for the sick (doctors, nurses, aides) without the proper protective gear are to be appreciated for their courage, expertise, and compassion.

There are so many working tirelessly at finding a vaccine, developing and disseminating tests, feeding the hungry, and maintaining social structures.  There are millions of teachers who are adjusting to virtual classrooms.  Small business owners are struggling to keep their families housed and fed.

Let us pray for all those who are in need.  Let us thank God for being with us in the midst of this challenging experience. 

Our lives are different, and will probably be different because of this epidemic.


We can connect in many different ways.  Some of us call 25 people weekly to check in.  We offer help to anyone who needs help.  Unity Minneapolis provides angels during this time who are available to shop for food for people who are at risk if they go to stores.

We remember that we are strong, and God is even stronger.

© 2020 Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved
© 2020, all rights reserved

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