Missing the Vibrational Energy Exchange

by Dr. Michael Obsatz

We can connect on the phone, or on Zoom.  We can see each other on screens.  We can hear the feelings within the words of our dear friends.

But human, face-to-face contact is different.  Being in the same room, looking into each other’s eyes, and watching body language, and movements is an “energetic” and “vibrational” exchange that can encourage deep connection.

What do I miss?   I miss meeting with one person at a time and supporting him or her on a journey toward a greater appreciation of one’s own potential.  I miss small group check-ins and interactions, giving and receiving positive affirmations and supportive feedback.  I miss haircuts and shampoos, foot massages, and energy work.

Support groups in person provide magic, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This loss of face-to-face, deep, meaningful interaction is hard to replace with computers and cell phones.

Teaching students in a classroom has an energetic flow quality that online teaching cannot duplicate.  But we have to make do with the options we have right now.

Social distancing and students learning through packets of material are part of this time of COVID-19.

I believe we are grieving the loss of this energetic connection.  The congregation in a church responds to the minister’s message and stories. The minister responds to the congregation.  The fans at a concert, play, or sporting event generate an energetic response to the activity they are witnessing in unison.

A wedding is different than a virtual wedding.  A funeral is different than one viewed on a screen. 

I believe the most intense pain during this time of challenge is that those who die from the virus often die alone.  Their family members don’t get to say their last goodbyes.

At this point, in America, there have been more than 30,000 deaths from this virus.  The dignity of dying with loved ones by their bedside is absent for many.

Many events and activities have been postponed.  The common everyday hugs and handshakes are no longer available to us.

Energetically, let us imagine this deep, magical connection with others through Oneness Consciousness.  We ARE all one in spirit, in deep compassionate love.

And maybe soon, we’ll be able to look each other in the eyes – from 2 inches away – and feel the amazing vibration of love in the flesh.


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