Nobody Is Safe in an Empire 

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – March 2022

My parents loved me, but they could not protect me from ruthless bullies, a climate of hatred, and a dysfunctional, anti-Semitic school system.  We were Jewish.  I was shamed, hit, ridiculed, punched, and humiliated on a regular basis from ages 5 – 11 by a gang of boys.  Nobody did anything about it.  When my parents complained, they were told I was “too sensitive” and needed to learn to fight back.

Currently, we live in an Empire.  School is an Empire.  It is training and preparation for Empire Consciousness.   It is based on power, hierarchy and competition.  It is popular kids, and unpopular kids.  Do we believe that nobody is safe until everybody is safe?  We can’t feel safe in an Empire — because there is always abuse and domination and the fear that those at the bottom will retaliate.

People don’t talk about Fear of Retaliation very much.  When people are oppressed, abused, and enslaved, they become angry and sometimes rageful.  It is a natural response to being hurt, humiliated, treated as if you don’t matter at all.

People who control and oppress people try to hide their pain, but they live in constant fear of being shot down from their high perches, and becoming one of the oppressed.  They are also afraid that those at the bottom hate and despise them and will retaliate against them.

When White Cops shoot unarmed Black people in the wrong apartment, they are reacting to Fear of Retaliation. 

Empire has existed forever.  Greeks, Romans, British, American — many more can be named.

Empire fosters a need for external validation, and a feeling of scarcity — of time, power, money, material goods.  Those who oppress others know they are doing it.  They feel guilt and try to push it down.

However, it doesn’t stay down.  Guilt is medicated in external and material ways.  But it is still there.

Empire always produces fear, guilt, and a we/they mentality.  This always leads to hatred — of self and others. 

Hatred moves to addiction, and addiction causes more pain and suffering.  All Empires have an addictive component.  More is better.  More is never enough.

So — who can feel safe in an Empire?  No one.  When we watch dictators and tyrants — we see sad, empty narcissists ruthlessly trying to take things from others.  If they had any empathy, they couldn’t live with the deceptions and lies they have come to believe.

Why does Russia need to conquer the Ukraine?  It is a sign of poor, disturbed adult/children who now have power, and who have never had enough love, attention, support, empathy or healthy nurturing.

Oneness Consciousness is the only solution to worldly and interpersonal issues of violence. The only way to feel safe is to provide safety for everyone, and share resources equally.  When there is no bottom or top, then there will be peace.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved,

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