Oneness Consciousness:  Not Letting Our Emotional Wounds Define Us

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 2023

We have all been wounded emotionally.  Some of us have been hurt more than others. Emotional and physical abandonment cause wounds.  We are wounded emotionally by our parents, caregivers, family members, friends, and strangers.

“Not being loved for who we really are” may be the most common wound.  We can be ignored, ridiculed, humiliated, shamed, and physically abused.  In the movie, “The Fabelmans,” about the family of Steven Spielberg, there is continuous wounding and abandonment.  The main character finds comfort and support in making movies.

Living in a culture of Empire Consciousness, there is always going to be individual and collective wounding.  This consciousness of domination, hierarchy, power and control always results in oppression, addiction, death and destruction.  It is inevitable.  Fear, rage, and loss are significant parts of Empire Consciousness.

There are a variety of ways of dealing with our wounds.  We can feel the pain and suffering, and then work on moving on from that.  We can avoid hostile and shaming people.  One powerful way of recovering from our wounds is letting ourselves feel the pain, and then affirming our lovability despite the hurts from others.  We are not our wounds.  It wasn’t and isn’t personal.  It happened to us, but wasn’t about us.  In other words, there is a spiritual part of us that was never touched by the suffering and wounding.

Making it impersonal is one part of the healing process.  We can affirm: “Because I was shamed doesn’t mean that I let that shame define me.”  I AM NOT MY WOUND.  The wounding took place because of the perpetrators’ lack of self-love and empathy.  IT WASN’T ABOUT ME.

Empire Consciousness wounds many people.  People with power often wound others.  Those who dominate, control, and oppress are constantly wounding other people.  If you have your dignity, your spiritual connection, and your support network of people — the wounds will not penetrate your heart.

I have heard this talked about like “Teflon.”  What comes at me, bounces off, and hits the sender square in the face.  We can forgive our wounders, let go, and trust that we are beautiful children of the Universe — loved, loving, and lovable. What others may say about me is none of my business.

We are defined by Spirit, not the world.  We are diverse, unique, and magical.  We are one with Spirit.  This Oneness Consciousness is the ultimate healing from the world’s wounding.

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