Our Human Woundedness – How Do We Heal It?

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – January 2023


We realize that we were wounded by people who didn’t know how to treat us.  They couldn’t love us because they weren’t spiritually connected and didn’t love themselves.

Healing the wound is realizing the wound was never about you.  It was about them, and their pain.

So, once you understand that you realize that as a Child of God, a Child of the Universe — you were loved spiritually and that was always there.

So your worth is connected to your spiritual lovability, and not how earthly human beings treated you.  It is through spiritual grace that you have survived all of that.  You are a walking miracle.

Now is your time to spiritually connect, know you are loved, and that nothing any human beings do to you or say about you can take you away from spiritual love and Divine lovability.

So, release the power of the human wound, and identify yourself only with God’s unending love and grace for you.  Your true nature is Divine, and your freedom comes from knowing that.

Now spread this message to the world, so worldly wounds, coming from Empire Consciousness, can no longer have any power or control of who anyone is, what they believe, and what they do.

This is the message of Jesus, St. Francis, and Richard Rohr.  Nothing else matters if you have this internal love, compassion, grace, and desire to help others feel this way.


© 2023, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved, www.lifesjourney.us


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