Overcoming Shame Through Self-Love – video

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2021

In this video, Mike talks about what shame is, how shame develops, how shame affects people, types of shame, what we can do about it now, and how we change it.

“Shame is the feeling of not feeling good enough, having something really radically wrong with me. I want to hide. I want to leave. I want to disappear. I feel too vulnerable. I feel ‘I am bad at my core.'”

“That is really a powerful emotion. A lot of people who have written about shame say shame is the master emotion, the main emotion, that effects people in all kinds of situations. Shame is also used as a disciplinary action in families. For people can be shamed for not doing the right thing or not showing up on time.”

“People say, I’m unlovable, I’m unforgiveable, I’m silly, I’m stupid. What happens is shame continuously from the outside turns into shame on the inside. So there is a process called internalization, where you take in the messages that you are taught, about what is wrong with you, how you are not enough.”

In his video, Mike shares so much more about shame and what we can do about changing our shame.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epcx3YEzxig

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