Presence, not Presents

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – December 2021

This is the season of shopping, buying, and spending.  Commercialized Christmas has become the norm in America.  Getting stuff, giving stuff, and wanting stuff.

Enough about stuff.

What really matters is compassion, connection, listening, loving, and being present.  Our presence is the ultimate present.  Nothing matters more than that.

What does it mean to be present for someone else.

It means spending time, energy and caring about someone is really doing, on the inside.

Empathy is valuing other people enough to care about their well-being.  It is sitting with, holding a hand, giving a smile, and supporting the journey of another.

Oneness consciousness is about seeing the connection among all of creation.  It means advocating for the oppressed.  It means supporting those in need.  It means truly being oneself and paying deep attention to others’ needs and feelings.

Empire consciousness, on the other hand, is about domination, power, prestige, rank control, judgment, fear, and separation.  

Jesus’ message was to move to a “higher” state of being, of consciousness, and not be mired in worldly chatter, external power and prestige and shallow words.

It is interesting how “King of Kings,” “Lord Over All” and “Prince of Peace” have become the descriptors of the One who taught that there are no kings, lords, or princes in God’s eyes.

Could it be that the world doesn’t really understand the deeper meaning of the Jesus message?  God is love, life is a miracle, and our purpose to share, love, and connect.

You can’t stuff that in a box.  

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