The Big Good-Bye: Don’t Let Them Steal Another Day

 By Dr. Michael Obsatz – March 2023

When you hang around with people who abuse, shame or hurt you in any way, you are giving them your time, your freedom, your attention, your heart, and your life energy.  They are stealing your life force from you.

Putting up with negative, destructive, hostile, angry, rageful, tyrannical people is a life-energy drain.  After a while of this abuse, one becomes resigned to it.  This hurtful, shame-based, abusive treatment goes on everywhere these days.

Judgment, criticism, and derogatory, insulting comments abound in the media, and in interpersonal relationships.  Curse words, vulgarity, and hostility become normalized.

Forgive, move on, leave, shut your ears — are some ways you can free yourself from this barrage of negativity and self-hatred projected outward.  Forgiveness does not mean that one chooses to stay connected to an abusive person.  It is an internal way of not letting them steal another day from you.

Trauma is the residual response to suffering from abuse.  Trauma becomes lodged in the body, and in the soul.  Some therapists are trauma-release specialists and can help a person emerge triumphant from years of negative, hostile bullying behaviors. Trauma-based therapy is one solution for victims of continued harassment and abuse.

Bullies are carriers of disease — and produce dis-ease in others.  Bullies are dominators, fear-mongers, and destroyers of the human spirit. They exist in the streets, in relationships, in corporate offices, and in governmental institutions.

Awareness of this abuse is important.  The response of leaving needs to be taught as a survival technique.  Good-bye to oppressive, worldly suffering.

© 2023, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved

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