The Flow of Love:

The Three “L’s” and Knowing True Joy

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – October 2021

We can really feel joy when we know that we are lovable, loved, and loving.

Knowing God loves us, and we can feel that in-dwelling Divine love that gives us peace.  We don’t have to earn it, prove worthiness, or make huge sacrifices.  We are lovable and we are loved unconditionally.

This knowing means that we do not need the appreciation and acknowledgment of others. These may be nice, but are not crucial to our well-being, calm, and peace.  This knowing frees us from co-dependent living.

As a result, we have the energy and intention of loving the world, and everything in it.  It means sending out love despite the circumstances and situations in which we find ourselves.

As part of the flow of love — from God, through us, and to others, we experience a oneness that transcends any differences or barriers.  We always see the Divinity in the diversity.

While people may appear different externally, we know that this Divine love and transcendence is available to all creatures on the planet.  When people don’t feel this love and don’t live out of oneness consciousness, they spend time striving and trying to prove their lovability.

In grieving their perceived lack of lovability, some people act out in sadness, anger, rage, addictive behaviors, or self-sabotaging behaviors.  They may become fear-driven or scarcity-driven.

Ultimate joy means that we are no longer only the child of biological parents. As children of God, of the Universe, we are free to be loved, express love, and act out of love.  We are part of the flow.

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