The Four Life-Affirming Declarations of Interdependence

 By Dr. Michael Obsatz – February 2023

The world can seem like a scary and hostile place sometimes.  Life has many ups and downs, gains, and losses.  We are inundated by messages of who we are supposed to be, and what we are supposed to do.

These four life-affirming declarations allow us to know who we are and understand how much we are loved. We are interdependent, connected, and a beautiful part of the Universe.

Here are the four declarations:

    1. We are beloved Children of Spirit, of God, of the Universe.  We are loved unconditionally, accepted, and supported on our journey.  We connect to Spirit through prayer, meditation, nature, and in other ways.  We have a piece of Divinity inside us which can never be taken away.  We are ONE with Spirit.
    2. We love ourselves, believe in ourselves, and know that we are here to do some meaningful work in the world.  We are to be kind to ourselves, life in compassion and joy.  We are ONE with ourselves.
    3. We can find support and love with others.  We are part of the human community.  We can create circles of love, peace, and serenity.  We find our people, our family.  We let go of those relationships which can harm us.  We are free of toxic influences which try to control us and encourage dependency on external validation.  We are ONE with each other.  
    4. We care for the environment, the earth and all living creatures and plants.  We are careful not to abuse the earth’s resources.  We see the earth as an extension of the Divine Spirit.  We are ONE with the earth.

Once we declare these life-affirmations, we can live in Oneness Consciousness — knowing our connection and perfection.  Empire Consciousness with its worldly control, domination, separation, hierarchy, shame, fear, and scarcity has no power over us.  WE ARE FREE.

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