The ICING Can Never be the CAKE

By Dr. Michael Obsatz

The cake.  We are the cake.  The cake means that we are complete, whole, and wonderful.  We are loveable as we are.  We are connected, sturdy yet vulnerable, and filled with incredible ingredients.  We REALLY are the cake.

We are LOVEABLE as we are.  However, some people don’t believe that about themselves.  The spiritual/emotional journey is one of coming into the full understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of one’s cake-ness.  This is personal/spiritual growth.

When we are born as babies, we believe we are enough.  The world then teaches us otherwise through the educational system, parents, the media, peers, extended family and others.  Because others believe they are NOT ENOUGH, they cannot fully grasp that small children are enough.

You can’t teach what you don’t believe about yourself.

So, we are programmed out of our knowing our perfection.

The spiritual/personal journey is one of de-programming, and re-programming ourselves back to self-love, self-acceptance, and seeing the beauty/wholeness/loveability of all others.

We come into this knowing through prayer, meditation, being in nature, and other practices which connect us to our DIVINE ESSENCE.  We are continually growing into a deeper knowing of our DIVINE cake-ness.

Now, look at the Icing.  We can add icing to the cake.  Icing includes those special sweet worldly things that can make life feel even better.  So — good relationships, prosperity, enough money, recognition, success, and healthy power in the world are the icing on the cake.  BUT THEY ARE NOT THE CAKE. 

The cake is fine without the icing.  The cake stands alone.

The problems come when people don’t believe they are enough cake-ness, and expect the icing to fill them up.  In other words, trying to make the icing into the cake does not ultimately work.  

For some people, it is a lifelong task to add more and more icing, in the hopes that it will help them feel enough and fulfilled.  However, infinite amounts of icing can never be the cake.

Continuing to pour on more icing can become an addiction.  It creates all kinds of problems including scarcity thinking, fear, and self-loathing.  Shame is always a by-product of not feeling like one is enough. Shame causes control issues, defensiveness, and depression.

So, to know one is the CAKE involves:  
Knowing that one is loveable
Striving to make the world feel loveable
Seeing the icing for what it is
Feeling like enough
Seeing and feeling the connection of all creation
Having healthy power, and not needing to dominate or control others
Inner peace
Seeing the DIVINE WHOLENESS in oneself

We need to help others come into their own understanding that they are enough, loveable — TRULY the CAKE.  That will do a lot to create justice, peace, and community in a shattered world.

Let us enjoy our CAKE-NESS.  We are ultimately DIVINE.

© 2021 Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved
© 2021, all rights reserved

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