The Metaphysical Heart — An Inside Job

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – February 2022

Oneness Consciousness comes from the Metaphysical Heart.  It is a pervasive awareness of the inter-connectedness of all of creation. Real love also comes from Metaphysical Heart — as does compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Self-love is an expression of the Metaphysical Heart.  Self-love involves self-acceptance, valuing oneself, and seeing one’s beauty in the midst of personal and worldly imperfection.  Out of self-love comes a love for others, and love universal connection and attachment.

Self-love requires personal spiritual reflection.  Since we have all experienced some types of abandonment and shame, we need to not take them personally.  Others’ treatment of us is not about us but is a projection of self-hatred coming from those around us.

So, an inside job turns into an outside job.  That is why we can’t legislate world peace and love.  It has to be felt on the inside first.

Self-love, love, and compassion for others, and spiritual connection cannot thrive in Empires, or in Empire Consciousness.

Empire Consciousness is about dominating, controlling, using, and exploiting others for personal gain.  It is hierarchical rather than circular.  As long as Empire Consciousness exists in the world, the Metaphysical Heart will, unfortunately, lay dormant.

How do we move from Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness?   We each have to become Truth seekers who decide it is time to move out of the oppressive, Empire system.  It takes each person to make this move, and it can’t happen by forcing it.

It is time for a change.  Too many innocent souls are being killed.


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