The Movement From Empire Consciousness to Oneness Consciousness

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – July 2020


From:  I feel alone and abandoned
To:  I feel loved and connected to all of creation

From:  I don’t think I’m worthy of being loved
To:  I am worthy of love just as I am

From:  I live in shame, and will never be enough, have enough
To:  I love myself.  I have everything I need, and I am more than enough

From:  The world revolves around me
To:  I am part of the Universe, and it is all significant

From:  My worth comes from what others think of me
To:  My worth comes from within my very being, and my spiritual connection

From:  I dwell on the past, and worry about the future
To:  I live in the moment with gratitude, love and acceptance

From:  I am detached and aimless
To:  I have meaning and purpose in my life


From: Nobody is worth trusting
To:  I am selective about who I trust and trust myself and life itself.

From:  I need to dominate and control others, especially those who are beneath me in status and power
To:  I value and respect that all others are Divine creations and have a right to express their own uniqueness

From:  I have to be better than everyone
To:  I don’t need to compare my self to anyone

From:  I compete with others all the time
To:  I focus on collaboration, cooperation, and creating peace with others

From:  Those at the bottom are worthless and deserve to be there
To:  I am committed to help all others despite their situation and social status

From:  My group is the most important and matters most
To:  I am here on this planet to bring peace, love and meaning to everyone I can


From:  We must be the strongest, most powerful nation in the world
To:  We must work hard to feed everyone, and keep everyone safe

From:  We will kill anyone who gets in our way
To:  We work for peace, non-violence, and love as the only way to live 


From:  The earth and its resources are for me to use as I wish — and I don’t have to conserve anything
To:  I am mindful of ecology, and know that we need to preserve the air, earth, and water of this planet


From:  There is a scarcity of resources and I must take anything I need
To:  There is an abundance of resources –enough for everyone to share.  I am committed to sharing.

From:  We are separate and competing with each other
To:  We are all one, sacred and loving, peaceful and connected

From:  I know everything I need to know
To:  I am always open to learning new ideas and growing



© 2020 Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved
© 2020, all rights reserved

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