The Not Always Gentle Protective Heart

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – February 2022


Moore and Gillette describe four archetypes — the lover, the warrior, the king/queen, and the magician.  I believe there is warrior love — meaning the sometimes gentle and not so gentle protector. Sometimes the heart may not seem gentle.  It may appear fierce and assertive.

Our hearts are made to get angry sometimes and to be firm sometimes.  Out of love comes the need to set boundaries and support the safety of self and others.  Taking care of self and others doesn’t always seem like love, but it is.

What is the power of the protective heart?  Saying “No!” to pain and injustice comes from the heart.  Saying “No!” to a child who runs into the street in front of a speeding car is the loving thing to do.

We love ourselves, and so we protect ourselves.

There is healthy protection, unhealthy overprotection, and neglect.  Sometimes it is a challenge to know when to protect, and when to let go.

But the compassionate heart has a love of self and love for others as well as a love for justice, fairness, and peace.

We revolt against dictators, oppression, bullying, and domination out of the love and compassion in our hearts.  This is mama and papa bear love when they see their baby cub being chased and tormented.

We must put our protective love into action as part of living in Oneness Consciousness.


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