The Paper Trail to Resurrection

By Dr. Michael Obsatz

During this challenging time, many people have demonstrated incredible amounts of compassion. We are in our late seventies and have been ordered to stay at home, avoiding the stores. Twelve different people have asked us if we need anything from the store. One friend offered, “I just bought thirty rolls of toilet paper, do you want me to bring some over?”

We have accepted these rolls of gold from some people, offered to pay them. They refused the money. Having an abundance of toilet paper means that we will not run out during this lifetime.  We thank them from the bottom (of our hearts).

It has been interesting seeing what kinds of goods are in short supply in the supermarkets. Someone told me that he saw at woman at Byerly’s with over 100 rolls of toilet paper in two carts which she pushed simultaneously. One man told me he had a six-pack of toilet paper in his cart, and someone offered him twenty dollars for it.

Fear of not having enough, of scarcity, or limitation has always fueled our economy. This time is one where we can learn about many of our fears — fear of loss of control, fear of being ill, fear of dying, fear of isolation, fear of not having enough.

This difficult challenge also teaches us about sharing, connecting, and being compassionate toward others. Our next door neighbors have been shopping for groceries for us for the last few weeks. They are younger, and supposedly less susceptible to becoming ill in public places. Their kindness is beautiful. We are spiritually connected like a family.

As spring comes, and flowers start to bloom, and grass turns greener, we see that there is always another opportunity for wonder. It is the season of the resurrection.  Something dies, and something is reborn.

Eastertime is about the Crucifixion, the tomb time, and the Resurrection.  There are always signs of hope — one flower, one leaf, one blade of grass — and one toilet paper roll — at a time.

© 2020 Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved
© 2020, all rights reserved.

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