The Ultimate Shame-Buster:  Overcoming Shame Through Spiritual Connection

by Dr. Michael Obsatz

“God Don’t Make No Junk”

Shame is pervasive in all cultures.  Shame is a feeling of unworthiness, incompetence, and self-hatred.  Empire Consciousness promotes shame by creating a hierarchy of the powerful at the top and the powerless at the bottom.  One is always striving to climb to the top by putting others down. This results in racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, etc.

Empire Consciousness is about control, domination, we/they mindsets, scarcity and oppression.  It is understandable that those at the bottom would have shame because they are heavily abused and shamed in the process of experiencing oppression. However, those at the top feel shame and guilt deep down for being oppressors.  They also hate themselves.  They may not be aware of it on a conscious level, but shame is always part of Empire Consciousness.

Oneness Consciousness is about God-connection, and love for all of creation.  It is the ultimate Shame-Buster. The more connected to love of God and the whole universe one feels, the more lovable, worthy, and meaningful life is. 

We can “heal” shame by looking at past hurts, family of origin issues, and a culture of shaming. But the real healing comes when one detaches from needing any validation from the world.  Everything comes from within, and an internal spiritual connection is the ultimate lover of all.

God is the ultimate life-force of love energy, blazing holes through the worldly shaming of Empire Consciousness.  Jesus said, “Be in the world, but not of the world.”  In other words, live in the world but don’t define oneself by worldly standards, rules,  categories and labels.

We are validated by our wholeness and spiritual connection, and need nothing from any earthly beings.  Just live and let live.  Create inner peace and outer peace will follow.  

Everything is an INSIDE JOB.  

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