Toxic Indoctrination into Empire Consciousness

by Dr. Michael Obsatz – August 2022

As babies and children, we absorb information like sponges.  We believe what we are told because we are helpless and small.

We receive a toxic indoctrination into Empire Consciousness early in our lives.

This way of being in the world involves:

Scarcity – not enough to go around
Need for external validation
Power over/domination
Survival of the fittest

Children receive this indoctrination through their parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, media and advertising, peers, and others.  Families and schools are often the earliest experiences of hierarchy and power differentials.

The results of this process are:

Feelings of unlovability
Constant striving and proving oneself
Violence, wars
Racism, sexism, able-ism, heterosexism, classism
Anger, rage, and self-hatred
Power struggles and fear of retaliation
Isolation, loneliness, depression
Denial, creating fantasies

The loss of one’s authentic self to this ruthless indoctrination is a deep wounding, and results in despair and anger.  The grieving is normalized, and entire populations grieve, but live in denial.

The “big hole” is the empty feeling inside, longing for connection, and self-love and compassion.

It is almost as if babies are born into a cult, with its own rules, beliefs, and norms.

Boys are like this.

Girls are like that.

Labels, roles, and categories are everywhere.

To heal this affliction, individuals need to examine all the socialization messages, and see which are life-affirming and which are life-denying.

This destruction of the human soul has many implications about love, connection, spiritual oneness and can result in a world that is destroying people and the earth itself.

The movement to oneness consciousness, where we see everyone and everything with love and compassion, will create a more caring and non-violent world.

© 2022, Dr. Michael Obsatz, all rights reserved,


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