Trauma Consciousness:  Erosion of Trust

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – May 2024

We need to understand that those who experienced massive trauma in their lives see life differently than those who have not.

People who suffer historically, people who have been enslaved, oppressed, violated, and abused live in fear.  They need to feel safe and have their basic needs met.  They don’t have any certainty that tomorrow will be peaceful, accepting and liberating.

Trauma consciousness is reactionary rather than measured and thought out.  Many cultures in the Mideast and elsewhere have been so traumatized by how they have been treated.  Others want their whole populations annihilated.

There are different ways of coping with trauma, and different outcomes.  However, large masses of people have been abused, subjugated, and slaughtered.  Six million Jews died in Concentration Camps.  There have been lynchings and school shootings, and mass poverty and starvation.

It is a luxury to receive therapy, a luxury to be able to process what has happened across the world to many groups of marginalized people.  Native Americans have suffered   All who have been taken over by Empires have suffered losses and discrimination.  Racial profiling exists in America.  Anti-semitism is rampant.

So, to expect cultures under siege of war to be rational, understanding and agree to peaceful settlements is naive.  People come from different backgrounds — some more oppressed than others.

So, world peace can only come when the traumatized brains of millions of people change.

We must study war no more.  We must move from a Me consciousness to a WE consciousness.

It is simplistic and naive to believe that self-awareness, insight, spiritual growth, and world peace is possible without a change in consciousness and behavior of the masses.


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