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Twenty-Four Nuggets of Wisdom at 81 Years

By Dr. Michael Obsatz – January 2023

It is amazing how resilient we are.  We are walking miracles.

In every challenge there is a hidden blessing.

Good, long-term friends are priceless.

Selective vulnerability is the way — trustworthy friends are the best gift.  Be cautious about being too open with people you don’t know.

Working hard does pay off.

Selfish, narcissistic people are a drain, and should be taken in small doses.

Life is about comings and goings.  Many people leave.  And that is all right.

Being of service to others brings joy.

Gratitude is the way to live in peace.

There are many brilliant teachers.  Most people have something to teach us.

It is important to not be hooked on praise, applause, and external validation.  Inner knowing that one is worthy is enough.

Be kind to everyone, especially caregivers — doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.

There are no mistakes, only opportunities for growth and transformation.

Living in Oneness Consciousness is the best way to cope with life’s challenges.  We are all connected.

Letting go of the past, forgiving oneself, and others is crucial for inner peace.

Don’t expect people to truly understand what really matters.  Don’t expect to be understood by everyone.

What really matters is using one’s gifts to make life better for others.

Feelings are important, but dwelling on them too long could lead to problems.

Find people who love themselves, and know how to love.

We are all loved, loveable, and loving.  That is our spiritual connection.

Nature is a great healer.

Labels limit us — we are more than any category or group.  We are all children of the Universe — that is all.

Laughter, playfulness and light-heartedness are helpful for us.

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